Can I change the invitation color?

Many clients love a certain design, but wish to change some colors on their invitation. If we can do it, we have no problem customizing that for your event! Many of our invites can be easily manipulated to any color and we work with our clients to customize those to fit your overall theme or color scheme. We like seeing you happy, it makes us happy and you get exactly what you want!

You an inquire about color changes before you order by simply using the contact form on our website or dropping us an email at and a quick link back to the product you are inquiring about. We respond to all inquiries within a 24hr timeframe.


Some past color changes we like to show as examples!

Featuring our Rustic Mason Jar Bridal Shower Invitation. We can change certain art elements to a color of choice, as well as fonts.

Mason Jar Wood Bridal Shower Invitation